Department of Electrical Engineering

Program Outcomes (POs)

  • 14 Well Equipped Laboratories
  • Internet Facility
  • Biometric Enabled Attendance
  • Virtual Class Room
  • Projectors
  • Advanced Numerical Technique Laboratory
  • Students internships and training through funds from TEQIP-III and DDUQIP schemes

Department of Electrical Engineering currently offers fourteen laboratory courses to Engineering undergraduates. The laboratories are well equipped with various experimental kits which provide in-depth knowledge about the curriculum. Along with experimental kits based experiments, undergraduates also learn various soft computing techniques, which help them to solve recent problems.

The laboratories in Department of Electrical Engineering are:
  1. Electrical Engineering Lab
  2. Network Lab
  3. Electronics Lab
  4. Numerical Technique Lab
  5. Electrical Measurement and Instrumentation Lab
  6. Electrical Machines I and II Lab
  7. Digital Logic Design Lab
  8. Power Electronics Lab
  9. Control System Lab
  10. Microprocessor Lab
  11. Power System Lab
  12. Electrical CAD Lab
  13. Electrical Drives Lab
  14. Project Lab
Research Facility:

The Department of Electrical Engineering is progressing in field of Research and Development Lab. The R&D lab has power quality analyser, and software like E-TAP, MATLAB, OPAL-RT, which provide the way to perform high class research in the field of electrical machine control and power system.