Department of Civil


  • Internet facility: High Speed LAN, Wifi.
  • Power Backup in Labs.
  • Library.
  • Biometric enabled Attendance
  • Projectors.
  • Innovative Environment.
  • Grants through various funds like TEQIP, DDUQIP etc.


Department of Civil Engineering currently offers six laboratories and five upcoming laboratories to engineering undergraduates. The laboratories are well equipped with various instruments and machines which provide in-depth knowledge about the curriculum. The curriculum is balanced between the practical aspects of engineering and a strong theoretical foundation , and covers environmental, structural, construction, geotechnical, transportation, and water resources engineering. Students will learn in small classes complemented by hands-on projects, time in the lab and field trips.

Building Material & Testing Lab
  • Brick Testing
  • Concrete Testing
  • Aggregate Testing
  • Sieve Analysis of Fine and Coarse Aggregate
  • Fineness Modulus of Aggregate
  • Tensile Strength of Steel
Transportation Engineering Lab
  • Mix design-Marshall method
  • Material testing facility-Bituminous binder, Aggregates, Bituminous mix
Soil Mechanics Lab
  • Pycnometer , Hydrometer, Scale Balance, Electronic Balance, Set of Sieves
  • Cassagrande‚Äôs Liquid Limit Apparatus
  • Static Cone Penetrometer
  • CBR Test Apparatus
  • Permeability Test Apparatus
  • Compressive Strength Machine
  • Sieve Shaker (wet & dry)
  • Triaxial Shear Test
  • Direct Shear Test
  • Unconfined Compressive Test
  • Plate Load Test
  • S.P.T. Set Up
  • Proctor Compaction Test
Structural Analysis Lab
  • 3-hinged, 2-hinged Arches
  • Fixed beam, Suspension Bridge
  • Elastically Coupled Beam
  • Portal Frames
  • Truss deflection apparatus
  • Pin & Rigid connected truss model
Surveying & Geo-informatics Lab
  • Electronic & Manual Theodolite
  • Total Station
  • Dumpy Level & Auto Level
  • Mirror Stereoscope with 4x Binocular
  • Plane Table Accessories Box (Alidade , U-Fork , Plumb Bob, Compass , Bubble Tube etc)
  • Tripods , Ranging Rods , Measuring Tapes, Levelling Staffs
  • GPS Device
  • Parallax Bar , Vernier scales, Cross Staffs
Fluid Mechanics Lab
  • Pitot Static Apparatus
  • Pipe Friction Apparatus
  • Flow Measurement Devices
  • Bend Meter , Reynolds & Orifice Apparatus
  • Meta centric height Apparatus
  • Adjustable Channel
  • Wind Tunnel
Virtual Classroom

Virtual class with interaction based multimedia devices and other advance facilities to follow the new model curriculum of AICTE, including Visualizer, Trainer tracking Camera, 2 way video conferencing, Big Screen Full HD LED TV, Projector, sound system, e-podium etc. In the class various types of seminars and workshops are conducted for students and faculty members in addition to interactive lecture sessions. In addition to this distance learning features are also available.

Engineering Drawing Lab

Drawing halls with wooden stools and drawing boards with stands are available for students to in depth their knowledge about the traditional engineering drawings.

Upcoming Laboratories:
  • Computer Aided Design Lab
  • Environmental Engineering Lab
  • Hydraulics & Hydraulic Machines Lab
  • R&D Lab
  • Tinkering Lab